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At ubimo, we leverage location based data together with the latest programmatic buying technologies to efficiently discover and reach your exact target audience in realtime

Mobile is changing the paradigm. Traditional advertising methods fail to keep up because mobile context is different. Location matters.

Introducing ubimo's TRANSLOCAL™ - Our unique and patent pending targeting technology that creates real added value for both users and advertisers. Matching relevant dynamic ads that are tailored to current user context, while improving campaign engagement and performance.

We believe that understanding location data is key to providing users with better services and content, serving more relevant ads with better results.

ubimo’s platform was built from the ground up with mobile and location data in mind providing advance targeting capabilities:

Enables you to reach your exact audience across various locations and events. Our simple and intuitive campaign setup process enables you to easily engage users at the right context for your brand.
  • Tailored context - mix various place categories, names, events and enhanced data layers to create your unique audience profile
  • Advanced related context recommendation engine
  • Dynamic reach forecasting
  • Tailored distance (From as little as 10 meters)
SOM™ (State Of Mind) Targeting
Engage your audience at the perfect time and state of mind. Our platform combines multiple data layers and location signals to extract the current user state, enabling you to target users at situations such as:
  • In Search of (man on a mission)
  • Laid back
  • At work
  • Commuting
Enhanced Data Layers
Additional local conditions and information that can be added to any context you build.
  • Weather
  • Stocks
  • News
  • Sport results
  • Area types: Office, Residential, Commercial
  • Demographic data : gender, age, household income.
Advanced location analytics and reporting platform that provide real actionable insights.
  • Location based reporting with unique on-map visualization
  • Semantical results analysis
  • Dynamic reach forecasting
  • Direct campaign pivoting and adjustments from Insights reports
Build semantic location context in real time

At the core of ubimo’s platform is our unique context matrix technology, that is analysing multiple locations based signals to extract advance location semantics. Among others we process signals such as businesses information, point of interests, events, weather, demographics, weather, sports results and area types.

Using advanced big data and machine learning methodologies, our platform can match an ad request from a specific location with the best campaign available in real time

ubimo’s context matrix data is used by both our advanced campaign management and reporting platform as well as our Real Time Bidding module that is connected to the leading mobile exchanges.

ubimo was founded with a mission to transform mobile advertising.
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We believe that understanding location data is key to providing users with better services and content, serving less ads with better results. Keeping the user experience in mind, ubimo’s platform was built to enhance real life context with relevant and helpful information served at the right time, while providing advertisers with real actionable insights about their online digital strategy.

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