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Mobile is in our DNA.

Meet the next generation DSP with robust data layers and real time actionable insights.

Our platform is changing the way that advertisers and brands access their audiences, by enabling agency trading desks and ad networks to unlock the potential of local data.

Founded in 2013, Ubimo is a leading mobile programmatic platform, designed for the ever changing context of consumers on the go. Ubimo’s self-service offering leverages mobile-centric data such as places, weather and local events, together with first party data, to build a true understanding of real-time moments. With Ubimo, brands can now connect with their audiences real-world experiences, delivering relevant messages where and when they're most effective.

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Oded Poncz CTO

With extensive experience in large scale infrastructure as well as mobile and app development, Oded oversees the architecture and development of Ubimo’s platform. Oded co-founded LabPixies and led the development as VP R&D. After LabPixies’ acquisition, he Joined Google as an Engineering Manager, where he led a team working on big-data pipelines on Google+. Oded holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science, from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (IDC) and is also a graduate of the Sam Zell Entrepreneurship Program – Magna Cum Laude. He also holds a bachelors degree in Economics from the Open University of Israel.

Adi Solodnik Engineer

Adi holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. Prior to Ubimo, Adi worked at Mellanox as a developer in the SDK team, and at the verification team building random testing infrastructure. Adi loves sailing and trekking all around the world. Her life's mission? To solve an as yet unsolved mathematical problem.

Cali Brainin HR Manager

Cali joins Ubimo after a number of years with non-profit organizations including The Society for the Protection of Nature and the Israel Vipassana Trust. Cali runs the Ubimo HR team and manages the company's logistics and welfare. Cali holds a B.A. in Social Anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

David Conison Sr. Account Manager

David is a fun-loving, SWM, Non-Smoker, HWP, Slim Build. This flirty GEM loves good wine and international travel. Part-time writer / director, David is our in-house foodie and Chief Thinkfluencer at Ubimo. Likes music. Come jazz-up David's life. Will travel.

Eyal Schneider Lead Engineer

Prior to Ubimo, Eyal worked at PayPal where he developed robust infrastructures and frameworks for multithreaded environments, focusing on efficiency and code quality. Eyal loves math puzzles and algorithms, cooking and sand sculpting. Oh, and he is also an enthusiastic beach volleyball player.

Gabi Corona Director of Sales

Gabi is a SWF Californian native who moved to the fast-paced big city for FTA. SAL, Gabi is equally partial to a day at the beach or an evening on the town. But you won't find this VGL gal in a dress any time soon, she prefers a more sporty ensemble. Rounding out Ubimo Sales, Gabi cut her programmatic teeth at xAd and brings her fun loving attitude to all things mobile. WTR for the right client.

Gilad Amitai COO

As Chief Operating Officer Gilad is managing Ubimo’s business operations and overseeing business development. A seasoned veteran in the online advertising field, Gilad was previously General Manager of Matomy Media, a global display advertising company, where he oversaw strategy and growth of the company’s operations. Gilad also served as SVP Media of all Matomy group.

Ilan Frumer Engineer

Ilan leads the development of Ubimo’s UI and website, using the best of web technologies and practices. He builds well designed interactive web applications, with the focus on performance and usability. A highly skilled and technical programmer, Ilan is the master of Javascript & angular.js. Ilan loves to learn new technologies and to take advantage of modern tools to enhance his workflow.

Ina Volynsky Engineer

Ina holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from the Tel Aviv University. Prior to Ubimo, Ina worked at Shidonni, developing a virtual world for kids, and before that in the semiconductor industry. In her free time Ina likes to read, watch movies and play board games.

Kelly Lawler VP Sales

Kelly runs our team of mobile sales specialists who are responsible for driving Ubimo’s new business growth. As Ubimo’s VP of Sales, Kelly brings a decade of AdTech experience from previous company’s like RadiumOne, Yahoo! Ad Network, and Blue Lithium. Kelly is a business/management graduate of the University of Georgia, and can otherwise be found wandering NYC with her two dogs Frankie and Sonny.

Kenyatta Chambers Account Manager

Kenyatta is the NS, SD, devotee of all things bacon and dairy-related. He is unofficially allergic to most things in life, with the fortunate and unproven exception of cheese. Arriving in NY with only $200 and an air mattress, this outgoing single BHM built himself from the ground up and although he always gets lost in the West Village, he knows his way around a kitchen. Seeks accounts for FTA on the road to Client Success.

Leonid Margolin Data Scientist

Prior to Ubimo Leonid worked in different algorithmic positions at various startup companies. His keen interest is applied statistics, especially predictive analytics and data mining. Leonid holds an MSc degree in Operations Research from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

Mili Gafni Creative & UX Lead

With more then 10 years of experience in graphic design as well as UX and UI, Mili designs Ubimo’s UI. Previously Mili held the position of Art Director at YCD Multimedia after which she founded and managed a studio for branding and UX design. Mili graduated with honors from the Wizo Haifa School of Design and Education and holds a B.Ed.Des in Graphic Design. She is also a graduate of the UI/UX Expert Course at the UxSchool and has given regular lectures on Interactive Design.

Michal Neufeld VP Product

Michal leads the product strategy at Ubimo. Prior to joining the company, Michal was a Product Manager at Google managing products including Google Analytics and Identity. Before that, as a Senior Account Manager at Google, Michal served as the main consultant to major global companies, ensuring their digital presence in mature competitive markets. Michal Holds a BSc. in Computer Science and Philosophy from TAU (Magna Cum Laude) and an MBA specializing in Marketing and Finance from TAU (Magna Cum Laude)

Mor Seban Tech Writer

Mor is Ubimo's in house Technical Writer who is responsible for building the organization's internal and client facing documentation, including the platform user guide and regular articles. Mor brings to Ubimo technical writing experience during her time at STMS, NICE and Traiana. Mor loves to read, and is an accomplished singer.

Amir Primov Sr. Director Quality

Amir leads the Ubimo quality assurance team, testing the platform to ensure high performance and accuracy. A CSQE qualified QA Director, Amir previously built and led quality assurance teams at IBM, Samsung, Interwise and WeSee. In his spare time Amir is an accomplished carpenter. Amir holds an Executive MBA from TAU and a BSc in Economics & Management from Tel Aviv-Yafo College.

Oleg Rozenshtain Data Scientist

Oleg came to Ubimo after more than 7 years in the military where he was involved in operations research and software engineering in the Ordnance corps, building and analyzing simulations. Oleg holds a masters degree in mathematics from Bar-Ilan university and came to Ubimo to fulfil his dream of becoming a data scientist; to learn high-end technology from the best in the business.

Oren Peer Engineer

Oren works on our proprietary bidder - making sure that it works in super quick time. Previously Oren designed and built the AreaOne DSP (now Taptica) and in his spare time Oren provides a foster home for local dogs awaiting adoption. Oren holds an MSc in Computer Science from IDC.

Ran Ben-Yair CEO

Ran oversees the company’s product direction, strategic development and execution. Prior to Ubimo Ran Co-Founded LabPixies Ltd (acquired by Google in 2010), a leading web and mobile app development company, bootstrapping the company and growing the business to reach tens of millions of users in four years. At Google Ran continued as a Product Manager in Search where he led and launched large scale products. Ran holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Rebecca Moyer VP Client Success

Becca is responsible for the Client Success organization at Ubimo, bringing more than 15 years of international experience overseeing client-facing teams that deliver cross-channel, digitally centric solutions to brand marketers, agencies and trading desks. Previously VP Account Management at Turn, Becca has a proven track record of achieving sales and client objectives, coupled with deep experience in programmatic and addressable advertising. She is passionate about innovation in media, and has a Masters in Media Ecology from NYU.

Reem Khalaili Engineer

Reem holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. She loves mind puzzles, reading novels, knitting, baking but learning new programming languages and code debugging are on the top of her favorites list.

Roman Gershman Chief Architect

Roman started his professional career as a 15 ton truck driver. After realizing that he posed a hazard to himself and others he switched to a safer professional alternative. Currently, Roman is a brilliant Software Engineer, able to build the fastest backends in the world with just modest amounts of yogurt, muesli and C++ code. When he is not at the office, Roman surfs, climbs mountains, jumps from planes or helps old ladies cross the street. Or maybe he just dreams about all these things while lying on his sofa at home. He has a peculiar taste in food and will do just about anything for pickled watermelons or calves-foot dishes. Prior to Ubimo, Roman worked at Google for 6 years as part of the Google Suggest and Gmail teams.

Sarah Calkin Ward Sr. Director of Marketing

Sarah leads our marketing efforts, responsible for the Ubimo voice in the marketplace. Sarah survived the .com crash of '00 to work for NASDAQ listed ad tech start-up -RedSherrif- which was later acquired by research heavy-hitter, Nielsen. She stayed in research for a short 12 year stint, working across Nielsen's digital, product leadership, and ad effectiveness divisions. Then returned to her start-up roots at programmatic creative technology company -Spongecell. Sarah brings two decades of sales and marketing experience to the Ubimo team, and also provides the necessary pool required for the company 'Work From Sarahs' Pool' days on Summer Fridays.

Sharon Zohar Data Scientist

With a background in statistics and a keen analytic eye, Sharon is the Ubimo Data Scientist responsible for mining our location data and preventing fraud and data abuse. A dedicated runner and pilates fan, Sharon holds a degree in Statistics and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Shmulik Klein Engineer

Shmulik is a Java Engineer who joined the team after working at Amdocs where he was focused on developing CRM software for Fortune 100s. An avid hiker with a penchent for challenging trails, Shmulik proposed to his wife at the summit of the Kackar Mountain in Turkey.

Tayler Corbisiero Director Sales

Tayler is an adventure seeking Colorado native who likes to geek out over French Impressionist artists. She has spent the past five years building her sales career in the startup tech space in NYC with a focus on AdTech. When she's not collecting bejeweled clothing or singing at a piano bar, you’ll find her on road trips in her 1977 Volkswagen Bus, Bertie.

Troy Hernandez Account Manager

This outgoing dog-lover and aspiring WWE wrestler, is the office scapegoat, and unbeaten Ubimo ping pong world champion. This former scholar athelete tans easily and was kind of a big deal in any sporting arena. Once lost as a child in a NJ Home Depot. No injuries were sustained.

Udi Graff Creative Director

In Ubimo, Udi is leading both visual and UX design. In his more than 15 years of experience he co-founded Panda Interactive, a pioneer interactive design studio, was the creative director at Samsung’s Research and Development Center in Israel, taught interactive design at art colleges including Israel’s prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and co-founded LabPixies, leading the creative development in web and mobile apps. With LabPixies acquisition by Google, he was a senior UX and visual designer leading projects in Google+ and Emerging Markets products.

Zacharya Haitin DevOps

Zacharya is our DevOps engineer who is responsible for building the production environment, building automation tests and the deployment systems. A self-taught programmer, Zacharya built websites for friends and family when he was still in middle school, and is passionate about Python. In his spare time - and there's not much of it - you can find Zacharya investigating complex mathematical algorithms or watching science fiction movies.

Ziv Rozen Engineer

When Ziv's parents bought him his first computer, he was 10 years old and it was love at first sight. They've been inseperable ever since. Prior to Ubimo, Ziv worked as Senior Software Engineer and Architect at Starhome, developing large scale systems, requiring multi-threaded and high frequency. Ziv is a graduate of the Computer Science program - Magna Cum Laude, and holds an MBA from the Tel-Aviv University.

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