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Smart, flexible and fully transparent.

Check out our next generation, self-service programmatic mobile marketing platform with rich data layers.

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One platform to manage your full mobile strategy from end to end

Plan, execute and measure mobile advertising campaigns. The self-service platform provides real time insights for campaign optimisation and a fully transparent cost structure.

Get up close and personal with your audience

Take full control of both the programmatic purchasing process and managing the data layers, so that you can catch your audiences at just the right moment.

Audience segments designed for mobile

Target places, not map points

Don’t sweat coordinates or postcodes; think about real life places. Our place data is constantly updated so that we’ll even know when a cafe has turned into a shoe shop. Pick from hundreds of different location types and find your audiences.

Fast food chain using the Ubimo platform saw user interactions at sports related venues rise by 50%.

Get to know your audience

Select from a range of household income levels, ethnic concentrations and even local voting habits. Upload different creatives and serve them to different audiences simultaneously.

Global money transfer service provider used the Ubimo platform to accurately target neighbourhoods with different ethnic concentrations, and serve each one a different ad.

Find voters without guesswork

Mobilise your voters or convince audiences to try something new, by leveraging US voting history mapped to precinct level, available digitally, for the first time. Increase your targeting accuracy and adjust your messaging, with the only reliable data set for voting preferences, available for mobile campaigners.

Republican candidate running in the primaries, served dynamic ads to Republican precincts. The campaign saw over 35% lift in engagement when messaging was tailored to local household income levels.

Be prepared for any weather

Use adaptive and dynamic creatives to make your advertising dollars work harder no matter the forecast. Learn which messaging works best under any weather condition.

When working with Ubimo, major international cosmetics brand saw a 70% lift in engagement when their interactive campaign reached audiences enjoying temperatures of 68-86℉.

Find the perfect moment

We know what’s going on at any location in real time — from concerts to conferences, and sports games to exhibitions.

Using Ubimo’s platform to target “Modern Warriors” around their places of education, and at sports practices, the global leading sportswear manufacturer saw a 22% lift in engagement.

Integrate your own or third party data

Map the world with points of interest for your brand. Run re-targeting and geo-fencing campaigns using your own data. We’re able to meet even the most creative data needs.

International fashion chain used locations of their competitors’ stores with the Ubimo platform. The brand saw over 15% lift when retargeting visitors to competitors’ stores.

State of the art, real time analytics

Set up custom reports to measure your results against your KPIs. Receive clear, actionable insights as you learn more about your target audience as your campaigns continue to roll. The transparent and robust analytics suite provides a two-way conduit to learn which context works best for every brand.

Training sessions and constant support

Our self-service platform is easy to navigate with a UX that’s self explanatory to guide you as you target your audience, build your campaign and analyse your results. We want to make sure that our customers take full advantage of the platform’s features, and to this end we offer training sessions as well as constant support.


Smart, flexible, and fully transparent

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