Ubimo — Ubimo Brings US Voting Data to Real World Mobile Marketing Platform
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Ubimo Brings US Voting Data to Real World Mobile Marketing Platform

November 17, 2015

Now political campaigns can reach a micro-targeted audience based on voter precinct

Ubimo, the leading platform for real world mobile marketing, announces today the integration of historical US voting data into their self-service platform. Just in time for Election 2016, Ubimo is now able to provide political digital agencies and campaigners with the same contextual mobile targeting used by Fortune 500 brands.

Ubimo’s historical Congressional and Presidential voting data is mapped at the precinct level, which consists of 1,100 voters on average. When combined with Ubimo’s other local data points such as household income, ethnicity, events and weather, voting history can provide an accurate snapshot of the micro demographics political campaigns need to reach.

“Mapping historical voting data to correspond with local data is a world first,” said Ran Ben-Yair, CEO of Ubimo. “Previously campaigns had to rely on virtual profiles and audience segments for any mobile targeting. This involves assumptions such as ‘visitors to a Democratic candidate’s website are Democrat voters’ or ‘audiences reading an article about a Republican policy, must be Republican’. These kinds of assumptions are inaccurate at best. We don’t deal in assumptions, rather we’re giving campaigns the ability to tap actual voting data at a very granular geo level, which is completely unprecedented.”

The Ubimo platform enables digital agencies and brands to target mobile audiences based on their real-world context – defined as a sophisticated combination of geo-data, place data and local data, which includes everything from the local weather to demographic census data. Through layering this local data such as household income, ethnicity, gender and age with historical voting data, Ubimo is now able to not only target swing districts, but the critical key voters residing in those districts. With digital ad spending on track to top $1 billion this election cycle, campaigns can now be sure the money they’re spending is targeting the exact voters they need to win over.

“With the presidential elections just a year away, it seemed like a natural next step for us to map voting data and help campaigners to maximise every ad dollar,” said Gilad Amitai, Ubimo’s COO. “We know from the brands we have worked with in the past that contextual advertising is the best way to effectively advertise over mobile. Providing this opportunity to political campaigns and digital strategists will provide a whole new dimension to the upcoming elections.”

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