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Data That Will Make Black Friday Campaigns Hit Home

Despite their usual shopping habits and preferences, Black Friday shoppers are out in search of a deal and are price sensitive during Black Friday sales.

Share of Mall Visits

Increase in Visitors During Black Friday Weekend % Lift

Simon malls, which usually drive less foot traffic, were able to increase foot traffic, capture a large audience of non-shoppers, and “steal” visitors from Brookfield during Black Friday events.
Advertisers and media owners should not rely on year-round campaign strategies during the holiday season, since holiday shoppers include new audiences with unique behaviors.
Greer Bingham
Greer Bingham

Marketing Insights Manager

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dooh vs ooh

DOOH vs. OOH: How the shift will impact messaging, targeting and purchasing

Many questions remain as to how the DOOH – versus traditional OOH – should impact decisions

valentines day gifts

Ubimo’s Valentines Day Marketing Tips

Ubimo, a Quotient brand, provides Insider tips about valentines day gift preferences: chocolate, flowers, or jewelry?

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New study compares Chiefs fans with 49ers fans

Ubimo, a tech company, did a study on how Chiefs fans and 49ers fans matched up.

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Articles & Research

Chief and 49er Fan Bases Faceoff

Turning the Super Bowl into a Local Success with Loyal Fans

DMN News

Super Bowl LIV: Bigger than Football

But ads will remain at the center of the experience