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Do Gen Z’s Store Visits Align With Their Values?

Ubimo’s Data Reveals which Woke and Slept Brands Gen Z is Frequenting and Avoiding

gen z woke slept brands intro
Gen Z avoids clothing brands Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret, which they deem slept, but when it comes to food, they visit Chick-fil-A regardless of their controversial political stances.

Gen Z Visits to “Slept” Brands % Lift

gen z visits to slept brands

Gen Z Visits to “Woke” Brands % Lift

gen z visits to woke brands
Of the brands we analyzed, there is a higher percentage of the Gen Z population visiting “slept” Chick-fil-A than any of the “woke” brands, including Gen Z darling Apple and Chick-fil-A rival Chipotle.
Greer Bingham
Greer Bingham

Marketing Insights Manager

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