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Location ranking in real time
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Location Ranking

Localized audiences = Better ROI. Find out how by reading our latest Polaris & Me post

Ubimo's Polaris
Inside Ubimo

A Year of Growth and Innovation

Happy New Year! We couldn’t be more proud of the successes at Ubimo in 2017!

Introducing Polaris&me
Inside Ubimo

Introduction Polaris & ME

When we started to design Polaris more than 2 years ago, Ubimo’s CTO, Oded Poncz, said that his vision for Polaris was to make any person in the marketing organization a mini data scientist.

Ubimo's Polaris
Inside Ubimo

Location Intelligence Goes In-House with Ubimo’s Polaris

Ubimo, a leading location intelligence technology company, is proud to announce the launch of Polaris, its new AI-powered platform.

Managing collisions
Inside Ubimo

Managing Collisions

As a DSP handling big data and high request rate (as well as in any busy and complex server) we find it useful to keep in-memory mappings for data we use on request basis.

Action speaks louder
Inside Ubimo

When It Comes To Viewability, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It was heartening to see Allison Schiff shed a much-needed light on the ongoing challenges of in-app viewability measurement in her recent Ad-Exchanger editorial. To compete with Facebook and Google’s ever-growing market share…

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