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Location Intelligence Goes In-House with Ubimo’s Polaris

Ubimo, a leading location intelligence technology company, is proud to announce the launch of Polaris, its new AI-powered platform.

Managing collisions
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Managing Collisions

As a DSP handling big data and high request rate (as well as in any busy and complex server) we find it useful to keep in-memory mappings for data we use on request basis.

Action speaks louder
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When It Comes To Viewability, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It was heartening to see Allison Schiff shed a much-needed light on the ongoing challenges of in-app viewability measurement in her recent Ad-Exchanger editorial. To compete with Facebook and Google’s ever-growing market share…

dsp platform
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Is Your DSP Shortchanging You?

Is your DSP shortchanging you? If they’re running data across your campaigns, and charging for each filter or signal, then the answer is simple: yes. But the consequences of nickel and diming your campaign data run deeper than your end-of-month invoice.

Contextual marketing platform
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The F-word: Keeping the Bid Stream Clean

When I joined as an account manager at a leading Mobile DSP, I found myself often questioning how an ecosystem that consists of so many different companies can actually pass along data that is consistent and accurate.

new era in campaign analytics
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A new era in campaign analytics

It’s been months in the making, and now it’s finally here. A much anticipated step forward in the world of campaign analytics, our Insights tool answers the needs of agencies and media houses for a unified analytics feature that combines unlimited location…

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love at first flight

Love at First Flight

In today’s cluttered ad tech world, a myriad of companies play a never-ending game of catch up, often struggling to build a diversified offering that has real meaning for consumers. Having experienced this firsthand, I set out to…

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