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Deep-Dive Video: Location Intelligence

Ubimo - Deep-Dive with Ubimo CEO Ran Ben-Yair

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Pola Zen
Pola Zen

Director of Marketing

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Kinetic and Ubimo WPP press release

Ubimo Location Intelligence Allows Kinetic to Connect the Digital and Physical Worlds for Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertisers

Ubimo Bolsters Kinetic’s Ability to Elevate […]

ran ben-yair martech interview

MarTech Interview with Ran Ben-Yair, CEO and Co-Founder at Ubimo

The MTS Martech Interview Series is a fun Q&A style chat with martech leaders.

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TSX Broadway - Times Square Billboard
Articles & Research

Who should advertise on the new Times Square billboard at TSX Broadway?

We used Ubimo’s Polaris technology to analyze the foot traffic to Time Square and reveal insights about the audience around the new 46-story billboard.

Weather Marketing: Using Foot Traffic Insights in Business Strategies
Articles & Research

Weather Marketing: Using Foot Traffic Insights in Business Strategies

What are the effects of rain, snow, and extreme cold on real-world behavior?

Adweek article on weather infographic foot traffic

Infographic: How Rainy, Snowy and Super Cold Days Affect Foot Traffic

With patterns getting more extreme, brands across verticals need to pay attention.