martech award 2019 best use of ai

Ubimo Wins “Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in MarTech” from the 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Awards Program

Prestigious Annual Awards Program Recognizes Ubimo’s Groundbreaking Use of AI for the Out-of-Home Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) fuels Ubimo’s market leading Out-of-Home (OOH) Planning and Attribution solutions. ​

Ubimo uses AI to automatically answer questions like:

  • What media should an advertising campaign be run on to reach a target audience in the most effective way?
  • How successful was the campaign?
  • What impact did the campaign have on foot traffic?

Many factors influence the choice of media placement for a campaign, including media location, desired reach, attributes of the audience, and more. These factors are combined through Ubimo’s AI to identify the precise media locations to optimally run any advertisement. This includes the consideration of campaign parameters such as target audience, proximity to a store, type of media, or geolocations. Statistical analysis is applied to calculate the affinity, or strength of the relationship between the media and the audiences of interest.

martech ai awards productUbimo’s Polaris platform creates a ranking of the most correlated media and returns this as the plan. In this way, the Ubimo’s Polaris OOH planning solution is able to complete a task with reduced time and increased data input.

Ubimo’s attribution methodology accurately measures the success of OOH campaigns, solving the issue of inherent panel bias where devices broadcasting frequently are overrepresented in a panel. Our proprietary AI algorithm assigns weights to each signal based on its characteristics, including signal frequency and geographic location. Using these weights, an unbiased panel of devices for both the control and exposed groups are created, and the success of the campaign is accurately measured.

martech ai award attribution

“The use of AI in marketing technology is perhaps one of the biggest ‘breakthrough’ innovations this year overall, and Ubimo’s platform that leverages AI to neutralize the panel bias is a market leading answer to a complex issue of attribution for OOH,” says James Johnson, Managing Director at MarTech Breakthrough. “With this solution OOH companies and advertisers can measure the success of an out-of-home campaign accurately and automatically, and we extend our hearty congratulations to the entire Ubimo team on their well-deserved 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Award designation.”

“Ubimo’s platform that leverages AI to neutralize the panel bias is a market leading answer to a complex issue of attribution for OOH.”
James Johnson, Managing Director, MarTech Breakthrough​
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