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ubimo welcomes norm chait
Inside Ubimo

Ubimo welcomes Norm Chait as Head of Practice for OOH Solutions

Bringing Norm onto the team will help Ubimo serve our clients with cutting-edge capabilities even more effectively than before.

target register outage
Articles & Research

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Navigating the Target Register Outage

Location intelligence reveals how shoppers reacted to the Target register outage

glossy dtc

How Stoney Clover Lane marries DTC and physical stores

How an e-commerce company founded by two teenage sisters making bracelets in 2009 is now growing into a full-fledged millennial and Gen Z mainstay.

gen z returning to physical stores
Articles & Research

Location Data Revelation: Gen Z Returning to Physical Stores

Gen Z is a huge market force and, contrary to generations before them, they’re showing a quite a preference for shopping in-store as opposed to online

Startups Adapt to Shifting Privacy Standards

Startups Adapt to Shifting Privacy Standards

Ran Ben-Yair weighs in on Ubimo’s commitment to data transparency as part of StreetFight’s “Pursuing Privacy” series

alistdaily gen z shoppers report

Gen Z Crave A Shopping Experience That Fuses Physical And Digital

Despite Gen Z’s penchant for technology and easy access to shopping online, the demographic is leading the return to brick and mortar

billboard insider dooh ans gen z

Digital Out of Home: The Key to Marketing to Gen Z

Ran Ben-Yair, CEO and Co-founder of Ubimo, on how OOH and smart location intelligence will win Gen Z over

Ubimo Census Data
Inside Ubimo

Using Census Data in Combination with Movement Data

New Product Feature Unlocks Next-Level Audience Insights

The Ultimate Guide to Location Intelligence Report
Articles & Research

Ubimo study unearths surprising trends among supermarket shoppers, suggests new tactics to attract foot traffic

Ubimo studied the 5 most profitable grocery chains in America, using its unique location tracking and analysis system. Check out the full report for more insight into shopper habits and trends.

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