Polaris: Location Intelligence

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Polaris is the most comprehensive location-based, self-service platform, enabling users to leverage the power of location data to understand the full customer journey and create smarter plans.
Teams can use location data to map the US from a Places, Audiences, and/or Real-Time Activation perspective to maximize the full potential and value of location data.

Ubimo Differentiators

Mobile-first location technology
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Monitor, aggregate, and analyze mobile signals to discover location-based insights about real-world behaviors.

Verified, accurate, and transparent data
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• Multiple data verification tactics
• Proprietary location technology scrubs, analyzes, and organizes millions of data points into digestible, actionable insights

Transparency into campaign performance, delivery, and attribution
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• Customizable self-service platform
• Select solutions that directly meet business goals
• Monitor and optimize throughout entire campaign

Tailored solutions for a variety of verticals
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Drive industry-specific marketing effectiveness with high quality, actionable data at scale. Build custom audiences and activate for AdTech, Shopper Marketing, Publishers, Retail and Out-of-Home


Polaris has a robust 12M-venue database — from commercial stores, to residential buildings, to local mom-and-pop shops — which allows you to map the US based on places most interesting and relevant to your business needs. A places-first approach gives you the power to define points of interest and define what a visit means (e.g. how long customers are in a store) for each venue to differentiate between store consumers and a simple passerby. The ability to control and customize your places and points of interest gives you full transparence into real-world visitation trends and competitor store comparisons, as well as the ability to rank and index over- or under-performing stores for smarter store planning and to better understand in-store customers.

Understand how consumers move in the world by analyzing consumer behavior and demographics. Create your own audience segments based on location data. Combine demographic, behavioral, and purchase data with location data to deliver the most relevant message to the right consumer at the right time. Expand your audience with lookalike and predictive modeling to discover new micro-segments and achieve greater scale.

Real-Time Activation

Activation Strategies Include:

Location data
In-store proximity
Mobile-first audiences
Weather conditions
Competitive conquesting

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