Polaris: Real-Time Location Intelligence Platform

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Ubimo Polaris Realtime simplifies how marketers plan, execute, optimize, and analyze mobile campaigns, all within a single mobile-first, self-service, data-driven programmatic advertising platform.
Polaris Realtime connects first- and third-party audience data with real-world consumer behavior, so you can confidently activate pre-built audiences and custom moments.

“Ubimo’s ability to connect digital campaigns to in-store traffic has been key in activating, measuring, and optimizing results for our growing list of loyal clients.”

Jen Miles, VP of Performance Marketing, BrandMuscle

Our Clients

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Reach your consumer segments and activate your campaign plans seamlessly from Polaris with Polaris Realtime DSP for an all-in-one end-to-end location intelligence platform tool.

Enrich Every Impression with 30+ Data Points 

We combine location data, transparent brand-safe media, and real-world behavior with the most intelligent self-service platform. Activation strategies include location data, in-store proximity, mobile-first audiences, weather conditions, and competitive conquesting.

Polaris is a customized self-service location intelligence platform for:

Why Polaris

Precise Location Targeting 
Target and analyze campaigns by venue type, brand, and store category level.

Granular Geo-Targeting
Target and analyze campaign performance, reach and scale by state, city, DMA, or zip code.

Reach consumers who previously shopped in a specific store or visited a specific location based on different user interactions: impressions, clicks, video completion, and more. 

Ubimo Contextual Targeting
Take control of brand safety by targeting App Store verified data, like store category, content ratings, and user ratings.

Enhanced Insights 
All impressions are enhanced with over 30 different data points – alongside targeting – including weather conditions, ethnicity, HHI, etc.

In-Platform Viewability
Choose between two industry leaders with MOAT or DoubleVerify to measure and optimize campaigns to ensure a minimum viewability rate.

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