Audience-based Planning

Create and Reach Granular Audiences

Index OOH properties against any audience segment to unlock a world of targeted advertising possibilities.

Brands and advertisers can connect first, second, and third-party, campaign, or custom data to identify OOH assets that reliably index for their core audiences.

Find digital audiences in the real world, and locate the OOH properties that index highly for:

  • Store proximity
  • Specific Audience Attributes
  • Demographics
  • Purchase History
  • Habits/Behaviors
  • Affinities

How does Ubimo do this?

Ubimo provides sophisticated audience-based planning tools with its:

  • Proprietary location intelligence technology that accurately identifies geo-entities, including OOH assets, stores, and other points of interest
  • Robust mobile movement data that identifies and verifies users that have visited these locations
  • Audience indexing methodology to score OOH assets based on their propensity for key attributes

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