Location-based Targeting

Reach key audiences in diverse and contextually relevant environments​

Target based on traffic trends and audience composition for any set of local, regional, or national OOH properties.

End-to-End Customer Journey

  • Create granular views of shopper foot traffic
  • Extend the conversation from the digital to the physical worlds with the same target audience ​
  • Access large format dynamic displays and dynamic creatives which cannot be ignored​
  • Target hyper-local, as well as mass reach​

Out-of-Home can be the last customer touchpoint before the point of sale

  • Run campaigns on a market level, with a variety of media types
  • Find OOH properties within a radius of a store
  • Measure for store visitation and sales lift

Ubimo’s location intelligence combines:

  • Digital Data – First and third-party audience data on behavior, demographics, trends, and purchase history
  • Location Data – mobile devices real-time signals like GPS
  • Mapping Data – A robust and accurate geo index
Location based marketing platform

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