Measurement and Attribution

Connect the Physical and Digital Worlds to Accurately Measure OOH Campaigns in Real Time


“Ubimo tackles OOH attribution measurement with a unique methodology that enables us to truly understand and confidently communicate the effectiveness of campaigns to our advertisers.”

Jean-Luc Decaux, Co-CEO, JCDecaux North America

Ubimo’s unique attribution solution measures the impact of
Out-of-Home campaigns on on foot traffic and store visits

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Why is Attribution Measurement So Challenging?

OOH requires a panel-based measurement approach, which is different than the 1:1 attribution method commonly used in the digital world.

You need to know:

  • Who was exposed to the ad
  • If they went to the advertised location or took  the
    desired action
  • What impact the ad had on other KPIs

Ubimo’s Unique Attribution Methodology

Ubimo’s technology works to neutralize biases to assure that campaign result measurement is accurate. Ubimo creates exposed and control groups to address both active device biases and media strategy biases.

By using AI to combine completely anonymized data from over 150 million monthly active users with our comprehensive geographic index, along with first- and third-party data, our method for attribution executes this complex process automatically.

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