Amplify OOH Effectiveness with Location Intelligence

Planning & Sales Enablement Tools

Plan and identify key OOH properties to optimize campaigns. Index properties to understand target audiences, and match their behaviors with corresponding OOH properties for more effective Out-of-Home marketing campaign planning and success. 

Benefits: Help your clients enhance their marketing and promotional efforts on your OOH properties by reaching the right audiences in any location at any point in time.

Shoppers analysis and insights
Customers analysis and insights

Mobile Extension

OOH marketing works better with mobile than any other medium, with the small screens and large, out-of-home displays amplifying and activating each other through location based mobile marketing campaign extension. 

Benefits: Never miss a moment to target, retarget, or actively engage with your consumers once they’ve been exposed to your OOH campaign.

Real-Time Measurement

Measure the effectiveness of Out-of-Home marketing campaigns using customer foot traffic attribution to determine visitation rates and campaign lift.

Benefits: Select OOH properties that best suit your clients’ campaign needs to ensure the best accuracy, reach, and effectiveness of your OOH buy.

Shopping behavior

Problems We Solve

Our solution empowers Planning, Sales and Marketing teams to identify key OOH properties to effectively maximize the potential of every campaign. 

We provide Out-of-Home companies with data-driven methodologies that increase performance and results. 

OOH’s Untapped Opportunity

70% of consumers spend the majority of their day away from home.

The rise of digital and mobile transformed OOH from a platform for broad reach to a necessary tactic in a brand’s digital marketing stack. Location data offers a new layer of real-world behavior insights for OOH companies, providing prolonged engagement to consumers exposed to OOH or DOOH properties. Understanding consumer behavior in the real-world allows OOH marketers and advertisers to amplify the effectiveness of their campaigns through mobile extension, reaching the right consumers, at the right time, while on-the-go.

Shopper marketing tools

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