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“Ubimo tackles OOH attribution measurement with a unique methodology that enables us to truly understand and confidently communicate the effectiveness of campaigns to our advertisers.”

Jean-Luc Decaux, Co-CEO, JCDecaux North America

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Audience-Based Planning and Local Sales Enablement

Index OOH properties against 1st and 3rd party audiences. Revolutionize your media planning by applying audience-based media strategies. Enable local sales team by visualizing local level audience and traffic insights. Key capabilities: 
  • OOH properties indexing and scoring
  • Geo, audiences, media type, and store proximity filters
  • OOH properties traffic trends and audience composition for any set of local, regional, and national OOH properties
  • Save and export OOH properties lists
  • Intuitive dashboard with audience and traffic insights
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Programmatic DOOH  

Supercharge your programmatic DOOH with location and audience data. Unlock the true value of your media and maximize revenues by improving media segmentation and yield. Key capabilities:
  • Indexing OOH properties against any 1st or 3rd party audience segments
  • Custom and granular audience segment building using geo movement data.
  • Pre-built audience catalog consisting of hundreds of geo, behavioral, and purchase history based segments.
  • Audience insights including foot traffic, demographics, and affinity

OOH Measurement and Foot Traffic Attribution

Measure the effect of OOH media over store visitation and other forms of conversions. Monitor campaign performance and analyze ROAS in real time on national and local level. Key capabilities:
  • Industry-first proprietary attribution methodology for OOH
  • Visitor and total visitation lift against target stores
  • Visitor demographic composition breakdown
  • Visitor affinity based on visitation patterns to different locations
  • Build exposed and control groups, and connect to non-visitation KPIs (brand lift, tunein, app install, etc)
Shopping behavior
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Mobile Extension

Compliment and amplify OOH advertising with mobile campaigns to drive incremental revenue. Geofence OOH properties and custom POIs for moment marketing, retargeting, and sequential messaging campaigns. Key capabilities:
  • Advanced targeting and geo-fencing
  • Quality mobile inventory at scale: human, safe, and viewable
  • Superior media allocation and campaign management capabilities
  • Easy set-up and intuitive UI
  • Full reporting suite for real-time monitoring and optimization

“Ubimo understands how location insights can transform industries outside of digital media. Their innovative approach to customizing the Polaris platform directly suited our OOH campaign needs providing us with real-time, data-driven insights.”

Andy Stevens, SVP Research & Insights

We Index and Score the Physical World

With Ubimo’s Polaris you can add OOH to the omni-channel strategy and drive sales by connecting 1st- and 3rd-party data to OOH properties. 

Our unique indexing and panel methodology, along with the most scalable and accurate data set offer a real end-to-end solution for Out-of-Home. 

Ensuring Data and Scale Quality:
  • Robust Data Sources: We use multiple data sources to increase accuracy and scale of locations.
  • Polygon Technology: We map building polygons and ensure every building has an accurate outline.
  • Geo Indexing: We compile venue data into a constantly-updated geo index.

OOH’s Untapped Opportunity

70% of consumers spend the majority of their day away from home.

The rise of digital and mobile transformed OOH from a platform for broad reach to a necessary tactic in a brand’s digital marketing stack. Location data offers a new layer of real-world behavior insights for OOH companies, providing prolonged engagement to consumers exposed to OOH or DOOH properties. Understanding consumer behavior in the real-world allows OOH marketers and advertisers to amplify the effectiveness of their campaigns through mobile extension, reaching the right consumers, at the right time, while on-the-go.

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Ins and Outs of DOOH

The Ins and Outs of DOOH

DOOH is a small but rapidly growing slice of the advertising media pie, and an increasingly important part of an effective omnichannel marketing plan. Check out the full report.

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