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Combine Real-World Data with Location Intelligence to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

As movement and visitation patterns become a staple in advertising strategies, the need increases for quality, granularity, measurability, and flexible activation.

  • Granular and scalable audience creation and segmentation
  • A subscription-based, unlimited data (non-CPM) approach
  • Transparent analytics and measurable real-world results

Problems We Solve

In order to ensure consumer engagement, advertisers need to get smarter with their targeting and segmentation, with their activation, and with their campaign measurements analytics.

Ubimo Polaris Realtime simplifies how marketers plan, execute, optimize, and analyze mobile campaigns, all within a single mobile-first, self-service, data-driven programmatic platform.

Advanced Audience Building

Drive effective, results-driven campaigns to hyper-relevant audiences Create strategic custom segments that support competitive conquesting, lapsed visitors and loyalists.
  • Target strategically with preloaded venues and POI
  • Hyper-target campaigns across all channels.

Hyper-Targeted Activation

Reach the customer at the right time and place during their journey Combine first- and third-party data to create unique and granular audience segments.
  • Plan and launch effective campaigns to the right audiences
  • Seamlessly activate with Ubimo Polaris Realtime or other DSP partners

Foot Traffic and Lift Attribution

Acquire and retain clients by achieving significant and measurable ROI Transparently measure campaign results to demonstrate effectiveness and ROI.
  • Connect digital and real-world data for tangible results
  • Measure conversions and awareness-based buys

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