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End-to-end suite designed for DOOH

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"With Ubimo, we were able to launch a successful large-scale, highly targeted DOOH campaign with extremely tight turnaround. Ubimo operated with publisher and vendor transparency at a level we did not know was possible, and increased foot traffic to the clients' stores."

Jessica Chappell, SVP, Managing Director at Evergreen Trading

Plan, target, activate, measure, and optimize PDOOH with Ubimo’s platform – now integrated with Quotient’s 2500+ shopper segments and Media IQ platform

Planning and Targeting

Audience-based PDOOH buys based on:

  • Store type
  • Proximity to key retail locations and Points of Interest (POI)
  • Time-of-day targeting
  • Weather triggers: forecast, flu measure, etc.

CPG Purchase Data

  • Data from $150B in annual retail sales at the category, brand, and product level
  • Coupon purchase intent and loyalty card purchase data
  • Access to 250M shoppers

Measurement and Attribution

  • Sales lift for PDOOH via loyalty card data matching
  • Foot traffic / store visitation
  • In-campaign optimization and analytics
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
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Ubimo Brings DOOH into the Future

By combining location intelligence with real-time mobile data, Ubimo provides everything you need to programmatically plan, target, manage, and measure DOOH ad campaigns. It allows brands to target very specific and granular audiences, by date or time-of-day, location, and any combination thereof — the same way they can with online or mobile ads.

None of this was possible in the past — previously, the deepest level of audience data available for OOH/DOOH properties was high-level census data, which rarely tells the full story of a property’s audience demographics.

The DOOH programmatic capabilities offered by Ubimo’s Polaris give brands the ability to measure and analyze the success of their DOOH campaigns via attribution.

DOOH is a growing space. Its demand is high, it offers excellent ROI, and it complements and synergizes beautifully with online and mobile initiatives. Ubimo’s Polaris is uniquely positioned to open up the DOOH advertising space to brands in ways that weren’t previously possible, all thanks to our location intelligence technology and our end-to-end platform.

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