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Publishers’ Untapped Opportunity

Monetizing digital content without impeding user experience is a huge priority for publishers.

Ubimo Polaris helps publishers enhance the power of their data. Polaris enables publishers to better understand their readers and monetize their properties by developing new streams of revenue.

Problems We Solve

Content can be accurately measured in the context of reader behavior. Understanding the value of premium content through data empowers publishers to better monetize assets with smart analysis and intelligence tools.

Ubimo’s Polaris provides publishers an in-depth understanding of audiences, and the ability to create custom audiences for a wide variety of goals. When activated, either through our DSP or another platform of choice, expect an increase in reach, engagement, and effectiveness.

Consumer Segmentation

Enable easy customer segmentation and expansion of audiences with lookalike modeling to expand your target audience, achieving both accuracy and scale.

Benefits: Drive more personalized and relevant marketing programs, promotional offerings and optimize around audience moments.

Planning & Activation

Better understand offline consumer foot traffic data to make more effective campaign decisions by combining digital and physical world data to gain a holistic view.

Benefits: Focus your marketing and promotional efforts on reaching the right consumers in any location at any point in time through our synthesis of digital and physical world data.

Measurement & Reporting

Verify the monetization value and quality of your consumer base and data by mapping it with real-world location data.

Benefits: More effectively capitalize on your customer data analysis and consumer base with verification of quality and accuracy.

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