The Ultimate Guide to Location Intelligence:
A Shopper Marketing Handbook

The Ultimate Guide to Location Intelligence: A Shopper Marketing Handbook graphic 500w

Ubimo report reveals trends among supermarket shoppers

  • Why are some stores more efficient than others (and what you can do about it)?
  • Where can you reach your audience outside of the store?
  • How valuable is loyalty?
  • How can you adapt success strategies based on location and population density?

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Location intelligence empowers shopper marketing firms to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.

Ubimo studied the 5 most profitable grocery chains in America, using its unique location tracking and analysis system, and discovered some surprising trends among supermarket shoppers that can answer some key questions about grocery audiences. 

Download the report to discover how to maximize foot traffic and profit in this nuanced business, where moment-shopping decisions change drastically from one store to another.  

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About Ubimo

Ubimo, a Quotient brand, is a location intelligence company that empowers businesses to understand and act on real-world behaviors, bridging the knowledge gap between the digital and the physical worlds.

Using advanced AI technologies, we combine behavioral data on over 150 million monthly active devices with the most comprehensive geographic index in the US.

Ubimo’s platform enables businesses to embed strategic insights into decision-making, improving performance across Shopper Marketing, Programmatic, Publishers, Retail, and Out-of-Home.

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